Viridian Center
for Early Intervention

5311 Kirby, Suite 101
Houston, TX 77005

Viridian Center is offering a training class for parents: "What is Verbal Behavior and How is it Effective for Young Children with Autism and other Developmental Deleys?"
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Viridian Center for Early Intervention is intended for families looking for quality, effective and compassionate treatment for their young child with special needs.

"Viridian not only worked with our daughter, but our entire family. Our daughter's behavior and demeanor improved within weeks and so did family harmony."
K.C.- Parent

We guide you through the entire process of treatment beginning with the asessment, learning the correct behavior techniques and ways to promote language at home, providing school support, and finally transitioning to the next placement for your child.

"Erin created a comprehensive intervention plan at home, in clinic, and at her school. She taught us alternative techniques that really helped my daughter function much better at home and school."
M.R.- Parent
"They quickly laid out a plan for our son and the results were unbelievable. The best part was they scheduled time to see him in his natural environment, i.e., school, home, or at the park with friends. They gave us advice how to handle different situation. It was difficult for the first 2-3 weeks when our new way of dealing with each other was applied. Once we all understood what was expected, the transformation was amazing. We noticed it at hoome with us as well as his twin brother. His teachers noticed his behavior improve socially and academically. His OT made comments on his improvements as well."
A.C.- Parent

Viridian Center is designed to begin with 1:1 ABA/VB Therapy to master specific skills, next transitioning to the Hummingbird Class that is set up like a preschool, and eventually mainstreaming into a regular preschool setting. We support your child and your family every step of the way.

"Erin and her associates were instrumental in my son's significant improvement in the last 3 years and I would highly recommend them to families with need of behavioral services. I always felt she listened to my concerns and had my child's and my family's best interest at heart. All therapy direction was discussed, documented and agreed to prior to implementation. The therapy was adjusted as my son changed and matured and as changes occurred in our family."
"I would be glad to talk to anyone directly that may be considering Erin's services as a health care professional. I can't say enough good things about what this has meant for my family. My son is happy, social and functional now."
D.C.- Parent